German Civil Code (BGB)
§ 305 Inclusion of General Terms and Conditions in the Contract

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(1) GTC - General Terms and Conditions are all pre-formulated contractual terms and conditions for a variety of contracts, which one contracting party (user) provides to the other contracting party upon conclusion of a contract. It is irrelevant whether the provisions form an externally separate part of the contract or are included in the contract document itself, what their scope is, what font they are written in and what form the contract takes. General terms and conditions do not exist insofar as the terms of the contract have been negotiated in detail between the contracting parties.


(2) General Terms and Conditions - General Terms and Conditions shall only become part of a contract if the user at the conclusion of the contract...

the other party to the contract refers to it expressly or, if an express reference is only possible with disproportionate difficulty due to the nature of the contract, by means of a clearly visible notice at the place where the contract is concluded, and
enables the other party to the contract to take cognisance of its contents in a reasonable manner which also takes due account of any physical disability of the other party which is apparent to the user,

and if the other Party agrees to its application.

(3) The contracting parties may agree in advance on the applicability of certain general terms and conditions to a specific type of legal transaction, subject to the requirements set out in paragraph 2.

(4) In all other respects refers to all valid, in the imprint of this Website in all detail specified legal references .



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