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1a) The audio samples that you can find on my website as an Acapella/Vocal Artist*in are constantly updated and are only exemplary for some of my work. They should show you that it is possible to compose a complete song from an acapella track and then produce it. The focus is usually more on film music.

b) For advertising orders in the field of trade and industry, on the other hand, I am able to both compose an appropriate sound design to the existing image, as well as to create the film music in consultation with the customer in advance to fit the dramaturgy individually. I will be happy to discuss the details with my clients in a personal meeting, depending on the genre. - For clients from the field of industry and trade, please contact me if you are interested. First drafts I make immediately free of charge and without obligation! If an order is subsequently placed for the creation of appropriate sound design, for example for a commercial film, an initial deposit for the production is due only after the conclusion of a contract. 

So I offer two types of production >>

a) Joint music production with acapella vocal artists

b) commissioned work for sound design and film music in the field of industry and trade

Carsten Felsmann >>

Audio samples

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A Website - Why at all? >>

The sole purpose of this website is to get in contact with talented solo artists who already have pre-produced acapella vocal tracks and to start a final, radio-ready music production together with them. - If you feel addressed as a musician, please do not hesitate to contact me, so that we can achieve this goal together. 

- On the playlist of this website you will find some audio samples to illustrate what this is all about musically. 

Of course I will respond to your wishes and concerns and align my composition to your singing. The goal we have declared together should be to touch as many people as possible through this music and to give their imagination "wings". Music can heal old, self-injuring and painful feelings - and replace them with new, beautiful experiences. 

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How do I work during a music production? >>

After recording the individual instruments such as piano, guitar or vocals, my working method is mainly oriented towards an "in the box" production. With the help of tools that simplify music production in the DAW and greatly improve the sound, the amount of outboard gear can be greatly limited without compromising the sound.

Equipment out of the box >>


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Person "Carsten Felsmann" - Who is that?

The producer of Ears and the Ground® >>

About my person

The following is an excerpt from my curriculum vitae >>

This excerpt on the person refers to the rather boring, formal part of the "stations" of life, which I think are not particularly spectacular. Every person knows this. From my current point of view, the so-called qualifications perhaps offer a reason to be able to look at life a little more differentiated, which also does not detract from artistic creativity. 

- But for the artistic-musical part the "spirit" or better said the energy plays a big role and not some "qualification" or a certificate. Every artist who can operate an instrument and stands before a recording of his instrument is "pure". He must bring the necessary focus or attentiveness to the "here and now" at that moment to make a successful recording possible. - Without attentiveness to the sound, professional music production is impossible. 

~ Let's roll!