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Blog will contain a collection of notes around music production in loose succession. These are on the one hand my personal experiences with the work as a music producer, on the other hand in particular also the experiences with artists with whom I was already allowed to work in the past. I will also report about ongoing projects in this blog.

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What is sound design?

"Today's media are enormously diverse and almost all of them are related to music or sounds. Whether movies, video games, radio plays or commercials - without music, sounds and sound effects they are hardly imaginable. Composers and sound designers ensure that all the media we encounter every day do not appear mute and ineffective. Much of the work on music and sound is done in the studio, usually in the post-production of a project. Time pressure and late nights are sometimes part of the process."

What are the differences between designing sounds and composing music?

"In recent years, these fields have converged a lot. Sound design is now much more than just creating everyday sounds and often contributes to the emotional development of a moment, much like music. In turn, modern film and game music also has something of Sound Design through many novel sounds, especially in the percussive and synthetic realms, often merging the fields. Sound design, compared to music, could be thought of more as piecemeal - the creation of individual sounds, while music is more interconnected and draws a thread through a film or game. However, great sound designers can equally be seen as composers, composing a large soundscape in which every detail achieves the right effect. 

Contrary to the romantic notion that all composers still compose with pen and ink, the predominant tool is the computer. Today's sample libraries, DAWs and music programs offer many possibilities. The composer writes his music on the computer and immediately lets the sample libraries bring it to life. A sound designer cuts and edits his sounds on the computer or creates them synthetically. But once you get tired of all the technology, it helps to just sit down at the piano with a pen and a sheet of music and write music the old-fashioned way."

Jan-Helge Schnöbbes, Sound Designer & Composer

Which artists does "Ears and the Ground® Production" work with? >>

At the beginning of the project, acapella tracks were very interesting for my work. Without the human voice, music lacks a crucial emotion in my view. The voice gives each song a certain depth of expression through the artistic processing of very personal, often psychologically deeply felt life experiences. - This emotion finds its corresponding expression in the human voice and touches us all deeply if we can mirror ourselves in some way in this emotion. 

At the beginning of my professional work I met an acapella artist from Buffalo, United States, who had put her tracks on the world wide web. Listening to this voice I was immediately deeply touched. Patricia's voice sounded very pure and powerful and immediately inspired me to create all kinds of music. - I learned through this singer how I could blend almost any acapella into a unity through a sensitive instrumental composition. - We exchanged ideas about my work, which led to further productions based on her feedback. - Currently, she is pursuing a solo career as a singer and producing her own albums. Her voice can also be heard in some of my productions - for example in track No. 6 "Earned", where she sings the backing vocals.



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